About VO Series

Basic & High Temperature Resistant Models

Series with double capsulated ball bearings NSK Japan which guarantee 30 000 hours of continuous operation.

Trickle Impregnation Technology

  • Sealed motor against dust and moisture
  • High temperature resistant electric motor
  • Maximum isolation characteristics
  • Longlivity of the electric motor

The fans from VO series are designed to be attached to Ø90, Ø96, Ø100, Ø120, Ø135 and Ø150 air ducts in ventilation,

air conditioning and heating installations.


The fans are available in two versions:

– Standard version (VO) – applicable to ventilation systems with airflow’s maximum temperature up to 60°C;;

– High-temperature resistant version (VO-T) applicable to heating and ventilation systems with airflow’s maximum temperature up to 150°C.

The fans are equipped with a built-in silent electric motor with double-encapsulated ball bearings which guarantee 30,000 hours of faultless operation when installed horizontally or vertically.

The body, the turbine, and the back shutter are manufactured from aluminum alloy or Glass-filled Polyamide which guarantees efficient cooling and better fire safety.