About MM Series

Bathroom fans are the most popular and affordable modern solution for the removal of moisture from wet rooms and the prevention of mold and fungus formation.
MM Series — Bathroom and WC fans featuring modern design, high airflow rate and uncompromising quality. These fans provide continuous or interrupted ventilation in the sanitary facilities at extremely low power consumption. They can be used to purge air from small and medium-sized residential, office and commercial premises or as heat exchangers between adjacent premises.
The fans are mounted on walls, ceilings and suspended ceilings and are attached to air ducts or pipes of the building’s ventilation system with connection diameters 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm.


The MM Series fans are made of high-quality and harmless materials, and they comply with noise and fire safety standards.
The protection degree of the built-in electric motor is IP 24, IP X4, IP X5 and IP 56 which enables the fan to normally operate in high humidity environment. All models from this series are fitted with an insect protection net. It is possible to equip the fans with back shutter, timer, humidity and light sensors, and built-in LED lighting.
The fans are connected to single-phase grid by a switch or dimmer to control the speed. Fans can be custom manufactured for other power supply voltages.
Low voltage LV 12V models, guaranteeing high safety level, could be mounted near the shower area (zone 1 of the scheme) or connected to shower cabins.


The base model is available with or without an auto-closing back shutter.
The fan will operate when the light switch is switched on or from a separate switch. The built-in timer will ensure operation for 5 or 15 minutes after the light is switched off.
The fan will operate when it is switched on or when the humidity in the premises reaches over 70%. The timer ensures operation for 5 or 15 minutes after the humidity is reduced below 70%.
The fan will operate when the room is lit while the built-in timer ensures operation for 5 or 15 minutes after the light is off.

Model with LED luminous strip. Available in 5 colors, respectively: 

MM UE – Energy-efficient low-noise fans with IP X5 protection degree and a flow rate of up to 85m’/h and 100m3/h which consume only 5,5W/h.
Energy-efficient low-noise fans.
Automatic closing shutter preventing the entry of unpleasant odors and insects available as an optional accessory.
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